Read what some of our happy customers have to say about Auto Art:

“Helen and the team from Auto Art have been taking care of all of our equipment big and small for about the last year or so. Since making the shift from our previous provider we have found them to be friendly, courteous, and most important honest in their approach. They have worked around our tight schedules when needed and the outcome is always consistent. I would recommend them to anyone from an individual to a fleet.”

George Lynch
Lynch Bus Lines

Dear Helen & Dan,

A week before Christmas, I was involved in an auto accident on Highway 1. While I’m OK and the accident was ruled the complete fault of the other driver, and while my Toyota Camry was still drivable and in terrific mechanical shape, ICBC determined the value of the repairs was a mere $175 greater than the Blue Book value of the car, regardless of how low the mileage of my Camry and how well it had been maintained over the course of its life. If I had taken my car to an ICBC approved Valet Service Centre, they would have been forced to rule my Camry a complete write off, which would have been a waste. I simply wanted my car back. I didn’t want to be forced to get a new car!

Thankfully I know Helen & Dan Gardener of Auto Art… and thankfully, they opted out of the ICBC Valet Program. As a result, they had the flexibility to make some minor adjustments in the parts and labour values that triggered the repair value to be less than the Blue Book value of my vehicle. That allowed them to save my car and provide me with a repaired vehicle that looks and operates as good or better than when the accident occurred.

Not only did Helen & Dan keep in constant contact with me and accommodated my busy schedule, they had my Camry ready for pick up and use before Christmas!

To say I’m impressed with their service, experience, & expertise only begins to express how I feel about them, their company, and their service. I have no hesitation in recommending Auto Art for any auto body repairs & painting needs.

I didn’t drive fast… I didn’t take chances… I know a great body shop… and I’m really, really glad that I do! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


Patrick von Pander, BBA
Business Coach, Speaker, & Trainer
President & CEO

“A few weeks ago my son was driving in a family owned 1996 Camry. The car had less than 128,000 Kms – it was in near perfect condition including all servicing. As a student he was soon to inherit the car and looked forward to driving it for many years to come.

Well the accident took place in the morning – another driver failed to yield and turned directly in front of him. The collision damage was to the passenger front corner fender/bumper/and hood area.

The RCMP attending were excellent. We reported the accident to ICBC and were asked where we would like to go for repairs. We drove the car to a reputable local collision chain. I have had a fair bit of experience with fleet accidents in my career. The damage looked totally fixable with the collision coverage of the vehicle.

ICBC were polite and professional but moving at a very high rate of speed to write off the vehicle that very day. We were not only surprised but in a degree of shock in regards to the vehicle being a total loss. How could we ever hope to find a car in excellent condition/ low Kms – for the value offered by ICBC?

Then I remembered Auto Art where I had taken vehicles from a fleet I looked after before retirement. I called and there were Helen and Dan ever ready to help make it work out for us. I now had a hope that this vehicle could be repaired at a reasonable cost. I felt the original body shop was definitely on the high end of repair costs pushing the vehicle into the write off zone.

We had the vehicle towed thru BCAA (who were great) to Annacis Island and over the next week Dan negotiated with ICBC hammering out a much reduced estimate. I know they made it happen and I don’t believe anyone else would have worked so hard on our behalf.

The vehicle is looking better than ever. My son has a car he can depend on for years to come. Friends have your best interests at heart. It is reassuring to know a friend who works for you when you have an accident in today’s world.”

R. MacKinnon

“When we took our 2008 Nissan Altima to ICBC to report a hit and run driver that damaged one side door, they told us that we were totally responsible, because we had reported it too late. We cringed for it would mean a $3000 bill for us. As we talked, Dan Gardener’s name came to mind. The end result was that Auto Art promptly acted for us and got total coverage and returned our car looking brand new, as if we had driven it off the lot today, rather than years ago. Our gratitude and relief are boundless!”

Howard Mcllveen

“Working in the Movie industry…. seeing is believing. That was what I was hoping when I asked Auto Art to prepare some vehicles for a film I was doing. Dan and his crew never let me down. When I need something done on time and on budget, I can count on Auto Art.”

John J. O’Toole
Transportation Coordinator

“In my 16 years in the business (film transport) I have never encountered a more responsive and downright helpful auto body shop as Auto Art, located on Annacis Island!!  I have dealt with Dan and Helen many times over the last several years and had nothing but total satisfaction in all dealings with them!! Consistent good quality workmanship, super-quick turnaround times then necessary and, not the least, great pricing too. Also they “get it” when it comes to film requirements (“We need it now!!!!”) I take all my auto body needs to them, personal, picture cars, L&D, etc.

In closing, if you don’t “get it”, I fully endorse Auto Art to anyone in film transport. They will give you what you need, when you need it!!!”

Ray “Razor” Waechter
Transport Co-Ordinator/Captain

“Prompt service.  On-time delivery.  Auto Art picks up and delivers, which is a time-saver for us.  They are people of their word.”

Vince M.
Facility & Equipment Maintenance Manager

Hazco Environmental Services

“Auto Art makes sure our fleet looks great.  Quick turn-around time.  In business, time is money.”

Julian G.
Fleet Manager

Vancouver Fire & Security

“During the last 20 years of our professional careers we have worked mainly on ‘opposite sides of the fence’, Dan in the industry and myself as material damage appraiser for ICBC. Dan Gardener has always been a true professional and his expertise in Auto Body Repairs as well as his management capability is outstanding.”

Werner Winsemann,
Former ICBC Employee

“We appreciate the many years of business Dan and Auto Art has given us and our Sikkens product line. We look forward to continued growth in our business relationship as we explore and test new product lines together”

John Enriquez

Technical Rep
Akzo Nobel

“In the past 15 years of our business relationship we have enjoyed knowing Dan as a confident, professional and efficient leader.”

Rick Walker
Speedy Auto Glass

“Over the years our transactions and requirements from Auto Art and Dan and Helen have always been handled professionally and expediently with the highest regard for quality. I have always been able to count on Dan for meeting deadlines”

Mike Longo
QC Manager

Ideal Welders Ltd